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Polk City, originally nothing more than a small grouping of farms, has struggled in the past two centuries to become the city it is today. In fact, Polk City was not even a city until 2005. Dating back to the 1800s, the town of Polk City began as an oil field where many men and their families moved in hopes of finding oil. As the population grew, the city’s developer saw a need for a town closer to the oil fields and thus began building Polk City. Unfortunately, the financial crash followed shortly after discovering there was no oil to be found in Polk City.

Since the depression, Polk City has slowly and steadily began to grow again and continues to expand today. Polk City rental properties are available within the city limits and in the outskirts of town. If you are looking for a quiet small city, now is the time to look for Polk City homes for rent. Whether you are searching for Polk City condos for rent or Polk City apartments, the city continues to expand its housing options. In the near future, there will be more Polk City townhomes for rent and plenty of housing choices in this city of bright futures.

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Featured Rentals

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